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Teens Beat The Heat in LAMPcamp - The LAMP

Teens Beat The Heat in LAMPcamp

By July 22, 2011 News No Comments

LAMPcamp facilitator Lorenzo Tijerina

Facilitator Lorenzo Tijerina offers his account of Day 4 of LAMPcamp in Brooklyn:

The LAMPers were excited to screen their commercials in the morning. It was great to see them enthusiastic and proud about their work. Furthermore, they have every reason to be proud. This batch of commercials was, I would say, the highest quality first-time work I’ve seen among LAMPcampers.

For one commercial, Kristen’s group created a product called a “Bag Buddy,” which is basically a backpack with a paper cut-out of an animal taped to it. They worked out dance routines and a song to go with the commercial–which turned out to be hilariously creepy. They shot on different locations, including a playground, to better highlight how a Bag Buddy could be a child’s best friend, while also showing that the child would have real friends by having the latest coolest thing.

My group did some wonderful editing work, and used both action and humor to sell their product, “Gatorage.”

Julianna and Olivia’s group did an amazing job creating an infomercial for their “iPlunger.” The infomercial has so much going on it that it simply needs to be seen.

After discussing the commercials, and the techniques the commercials used to sell products, we fell into a discussion about texting, cyber-stalking and actual stalking. I was surprised to learn that many of the teens felt the new problems that come with a cell phone almost make them not worth the trouble. We discussed flame wars and drama caused by Facebook. It was an informative discussion.

We broke up again into three groups and set out to break commercials, like in LAMPlatoon. Olivia and Julianna’s group was able to break two commercials. My group actually had the innovative idea to use footage from their own commercial to break the Larry Bird vs Michael Jordan commercial. The results were very funny and really brought their point across.

Everyone is once again excited to watch their work.

The broken commercials will be posted here, so watch this space and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates!