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Student Spotlight: Humberto, Graphic Artist - The LAMP

Student Spotlight: Humberto, Graphic Artist

By July 18, 2016 News No Comments

Student Spotlight Humberto

Meet Humberto, an aspiring graphic artist who just completed The LAMP’s recent TechUp job skills training program in partnership with Hudson Guild!

“Tech Up has definitely changed my perspective on media. I have learned that social media is one of the best ways to promote one’s business or organization and careful planning goes a long way!”

Meet the Artist Humberto Rivera

“I loved using Photoshop and Twine. While I had experience in using these programs, I have definitely improved using them. TechUp has shown me how Photoshop can be used to create newsletters, posters and many other graphic design media that can be used by companies or nonprofit organizations. Because I currently have Photoshop at home, I experiment with many of the tools that it offers. Knowing Photoshop, I can use this to improve my artwork. If I could recommend this program to my friends, I would tell them that patience is key when it comes to using Photoshop. And TechUp offers a very paced learning environment.”

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