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Spring cleaning - The LAMP

Spring cleaning

By March 24, 2008 News No Comments

Now that spring is officially here (despite what the thermometer tells us), many of us will be taking the opportunity to clean out clutter from closets, cabinets and shelves.  Among the old clothes, unread books and treasures yet to be rediscovered, you might find you have some spare electronic devices.

Don’t throw them out.  There’s a better way to get rid of them.  For phones, many cell phone shops will take your old device and either recycle it or donate it to a charity.  The same holds true for computers.  Many neighborhoods also hold e-waste events from time to time, which serve as safe dumping grounds for anything electronic.

If you’re busy and can’t find time to get down to the store with your stuff, there are also websites like, which will make the process ridiculously easy.  Register on their website and give them some information about what you’re recycling.  Not only will they send you a prepaid shipping label, they’ll send you a check for the current market value and wipe all your personal and private data from the computer, phone or PDA.   So get to it–you officially have no excuse!