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Spotlight: Video Artist Kristin Trethewey - The LAMP

Spotlight: Video Artist Kristin Trethewey

By August 11, 2009 News No Comments

Kristin Trethewey

Kristin Trethewey

This month, we interview video artist and LAMPcamp volunteer Kristin Trethewey. Read on to learn why media literacy and art are tied together…

Favorite Blogs: Thinkthinkthinkwhywhywhy (because a little self promotion never hurts) Cakewrecks (because I’m a bit of a foodie) and Kitschykoomag (this is a friend from Calgary who is a great advocate of young hip art and culture)

Favorite websites: Etsy, Moment Factory, Ubu, Rhizome

How did you get involved with LAMPcamp? Daniela Capistrano, a media savvy journalist in Brooklyn, put me in touch with the team knowing a bit about my own interest in media and video production.

What was your favorite part of LAMPcamp? Definitely the time we spent making the movies with the YMCA campers.
How would you describe your work as an artist? Interdisciplinary, collaborative, electronic, video, performance and installation would all be keywords in a tagline.

As a multimedia artist, do you think that your work is at all influenced by “big media?” That’s an interesting question that I think is hard to answer. I wouldn’t say on a conscious level that I am, but I also wouldn’t say politics influence my work. I think when you are talking about such large entities its hard to say that you aren’t influenced by them. You really can’t help being a product of them.
Do you think someone who has been through media literacy training would view your work differently from someone who has not? Sure. I studied cultural studies in my undergraduate degree and culminating an awareness of media literacy completely changes your perspective of visual, mediated cultural content.