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Spotlight: Merlin, LAMP student - The LAMP

Spotlight: Merlin, LAMP student

By January 15, 2010 News No Comments

MerlinThis month we interviewed Merlin, a middle-school student who has taken two video workshops with The LAMP. Read on for how he thinks media impact his classmates, and how workshops with The LAMP changed his perspective. Check out  “Fading Away From The Stereotypes,” one of the videos he made with The LAMP!

What is your favorite movie? No idea, but I like funny movies and touching movies with a message.
What are some of your favorite websites?, where you can watch videos,, which has a ton of cool games, and, the biggest selection of games ever.
What have been some of your favorite parts of LAMP workshops? I really like the chance to edit my work on iMovie. There are so many things you can do, such as add background music to your film.
Do you think you look at media differently since LAMP workshops? Yes. Now I really have an idea of what the whole process is and can better analyze what I see.
How do you think media affect your classmates? I think that what they see impacts their personality and they are more likely to do something if they have seen it happen on TV.
How do you the think adults around you view media? I think that adults view media similarly to the way kids view media, but with a more mature attitude. I think that kids are affected by what they see more than adults are, an example is that kids are creeped out by scary movies much more easily than adults are. My mom views media in a critical way. She is always commenting on what she sees. Sometimes I discuss with her what we are watching. This helps me to think about what I watch.