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September News from The LAMP - Mark Your Calendars for October! - The LAMP

September News from The LAMP – Mark Your Calendars for October!

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The LAMP’s Illuminations
September 2013    

What’s Ahead in the New School Year?
These LAMP grads are looking ahead to brighter futures!

The start of a new school year often puts us in a Janus state of mind. Like the two-faced Roman god, we’re looking back at a super-sweet summer and looking ahead to an exciting new year of breakthroughs, creativity and discovery. Here’s what we have in our sights:

Looking Back: The Chocolate Project
LAMPlatoon Critique: Where Does Chocolate Come From?
LAMPlatoon Critique: Where Does Chocolate Come From?

Fifty students joined us this summer at eight branches of the New York Public Library to look at chocolate in a whole new way. It’s one of the world’s most popular foods, but how much do we really know about where it comes from, and why does it play such a rich role in American pop culture? During the Chocolate Project, youth learned basic media literacy skills, like critical thinking and media production, but through the lens of popular commercials and advertisements we see every day. Click here to see videos made by our students and read more about what they learned!

Looking Ahead: Big events in October!
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We’ve been talking for months now about the Media Breaker, the online video editor designed exclusively for remixing copyrighted media in an educational setting. Finally, it’s time to mark your calendar for the Media Breaker’s official launch party at 4pm on October 29 at New York University’s Engelberg Center on Innovation Law & Policy! Click here to reserve your free tickets now, or join the Media Breaker mailing list for news about testing and demos.

Digital Waves 2013 is coming!

Plus, we’re also thrilled to be back at the Digital Waves Youth Media Festival on October 18-19! This year’s festival is all about young people taking on the New York City mayoral race, creating news stories about the issues at stake that matter most to them – issues like education, stop-and-frisk, housing and more. Whether you’re a tech expert of a media newbie, your voice matters and we want you involved! Click here for more information and to register.

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