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Selections from The LAMP's Ad Archive, Ad It Up! - The LAMP

Selections from The LAMP’s Ad Archive, Ad It Up!

By October 16, 2009 News No Comments

Below are some selections from The LAMP‘s ad archive, Ad It Up! The original source for each ad can be found by clicking on the picture, which will take you to our flickr site where you can see the source link. Join us by submitting your own ads and comments!

I think this one could use a little more subtlety in terms of its persuasive techniques. We’ve got a dozen bathing beauties, a Hefner look-alike in the background, and a pool boy. At what point in looking at this are we supposed to be thinking about Volkswagen?

This one is pretty beautiful, I think. As it should, it makes me think of a work of art, and makes the connection that when you’re using Braun, you’re not just cooking but creating art. Sure, a whisk is a whisk, but if you’re an artist, not just any whisk will do. According to Braun, at least.

Talk about sterile. When I think about getting a vaccination shot, the truth that I have to get pricked by a needle is not really encouraging, and it’s not what I want to think about. Plus, what’s that green and pink gunk in the needles?

Love this one! With the color palette, I actually notice the red in the lower right corner–not to mention the condom. Plus, c’mon, the image of the Grim Reaper slipping on a condom is a little funny. It also points my eye directly to a clear weapon in the fight against AIDS.