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By April 3, 2009 News One Comment

This week we learned that one of our major partners, Brooklyn Center for the Urban Environment (BCUE), shut its doors for good on April 1 due to financial reasons. (It was also sometimes called simply Center for the Urban Environment, or CUE.) The people at BCUE were extremely dedicated in their mission to promote sustainable living throughout the city, and bringing education services to at-risk neighborhoods. In the course of their 30+ years of existence, BCUE operated many more programs throughout the city–though it’s difficult to name them all, since their website is no longer functioning. The LAMP and BCUE had plans to develop several additional programs together, both of us expanding our reach and expertise. Now, none of those plans can happen.

At times like this, my heart goes out not only to the wonderful people who worked at BCUE, but also to the populations they served who will now be without the programs, activities, mentors and resources they came to rely upon to fill gaps of need in their communities and schools. The loss of such support during especially tough times is surely one of the greatest casualties of the economic crisis, and it is up to organizations like The LAMP to do their best to step in and make sure needs can still be met. All of us here feel a mandate to continue to serve the schools and communities we reached through our BCUE partnership, and believe in our goal to reach even more people.

However, as cliche as it sounds, we can’t do this alone. It is so important that all of us remember the importance of the non-profit organizations that bring services to our neighborhoods out of little else but love, hope and faith in change. None of us do this for money; there’s a reason we’re called non-profits. Imagine what New York City would look like if all of the local non-profits dried up–it wouldn’t be pretty, and that’s not the state we want to find ourselves in when the recession passes (which it will). Please remember that every little bit helps, and consider making even a small donation to The LAMP by using the “Donate Now!” button at the bottom of this page. We know there are many worthy and needy non-profits out there, but we firmly believe that a modern education is the only way we can live in harmony in a media-saturated digital world. Your support in our mission to bring media literacy to all New Yorkers is an investment in our collective future. Your help can ensure that there is indeed a brighter one ahead.