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Report shows dire need for digital literacy at K-12 level - The LAMP

Report shows dire need for digital literacy at K-12 level

By September 7, 2010 News No Comments

According to survey results released with a report from Northwestern University, more than 25% of college students believe the first web site listed by a search engine was the most credible–and that’s just the beginning of data showing that our youth are not gaining the basic skills they need to thrive in a digital world. And that’s only the beginning of a long line of reasons why digital literacy is needed right now, and why even a weak economy is a poor excuse for its absence. The report, entitled Trust Online: Young Adults’ Evaluation of Web Content drives home the reality that the lack of digital literacy training in our K-12 schools is leaving students woefully ill-prepared for life in an information society.

Results like these demonstrate the need for teacher training in 21st-century learning skills, and change is needed in classrooms throughout the country. If digital and media literacy training are lacking in your school and community, it’s not too late to contact The LAMP about arranging fall programs. As shown by this report and dozens of others, we’re running out of excuses for insisting on sub-standard educational practices.