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Remixing Reality Television with Hudson Guild - The LAMP

Remixing Reality Television with Hudson Guild

By August 11, 2014 News No Comments

LAMP Education Director Alan Berry talks with students at Hudson Guild. Photo by Jennifer Castracane.

In July, The LAMP began a weekly summer program with Hudson Guild called Reality T.V. Remix, examining the phenomenon of reality television and how reality shows are produced. Unfortunately, on the day I visited the workshop, the computer servers were down and so we couldn’t work with the Media Breaker as planned. With the clock ticking, we had to quickly create a new lesson plan. Instead of breaking reality T.V. clips we decided that the students would create their own reality shows. Using pens, notebooks and their imaginations, the students formed groups to create a scene for their own show.

There were many creative ideas and some shows that I believe can be made into a real series. One group came up with a game show based off the children’s game M.A.S.H., which predicts what one’s future lifestyle will be. They decided to bring that game to life by fulfilling this quiz and living with the house, car and husband the contestant was assigned to. Other ideas were more traditional, such as Keeping up with the Teenagers, a parody of Keeping up with the Kardashians, which would go into the lives of everyday teenagers to exploit their drama for the world. Unlike in most reality television shows, the groups created problems and peaceful resolutions in their fantasy shows, showing that violence is not always the answer and many times it is more effective to talk out problems rather than fighting.


– Jennifer Castracane

Jennifer will be a senior next year at Bayside High School, and is interning with The LAMP through the Career and Technical Education Summer Scholars program. If you’re interested in learning more about an internship with The LAMP, send us an email!

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