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Remix with The LAMP and the MTV Video Music Awards

Remix with The LAMP and the MTV Video Music Awards

By August 24, 2015 News No Comments

Break the MTV Video Music Awards 2015 BeyonceWe’ve been breaking the Super Bowl for 4 years, but now The LAMP has fixed on a new annual event: the MTV Video Music Awards. Last year, the show garnered 13.7 million views, and many more millions of music fans were abuzz on social media about the evening’s antics. Music videos often send powerful messages about social justice, race, sexuality and youth culture, so we worked with teens in Manhattan and Queens to seize the opportunity to talk back.

The broken videos they created, based on nominee videos like Alright by Kendrick Lamar and Bad Blood by Taylor Swift, will be published on the MediaBreaker’s YouTube channel during the live broadcast on August 30 beginning at 9pm EST. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube to share your comments on the breaks, talk about the show or give us a heads up about your own broken music videos. And if you’re looking for tips for getting started, check out tips for breaking music videos by our intrepid summer intern, Serena Aimen.

You can also help spread the word through Twitter and Facebook, or by grabbing one of our Break the VMAs postcards below, each representing the nominees for Best Music Video of the Year.

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