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Remix Culture and Copyright - The LAMP

Remix Culture and Copyright

By July 8, 2008 News No Comments

Some of the most-watched online videos include mashups–essentially, fancy edits of sound and images that twist the intent of the source material for humor, parody and more.  Recently, the Center for Social Media at American University conducted a study on remix and mashup culture, and from it devised a Code of Best Practices for the use of content in online videos.  (The study is called Recut, Reframe, Recycle–be sure to check out the video posted on the study’s website for a quick lesson in what mashups can do, how they are used, and for a guide to some of the best mashups.)  The terms of fair use are not always clear, and they become even less clear in the digital realm, as many industries struggle to resolve the issue of who owns what and who should be getting paid for work displayed online.  The Code was developed by a national team of legal and media scholars, and although it doesn’t constitute a law in and of itself, it provides a useful guide for content creators who want to stay within copyright law.  Anyone out there who is generating their own content online should be sure to take a look.