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Reimagining Picasso Baby - The LAMP

Reimagining Picasso Baby

By August 6, 2013 News No Comments

Jay Z “Picasso Baby” x Taylor Swift “22” (remix) from Pop Culture Pirate on Vimeo.

Video artist (and friend of The LAMP) Elisa Kreisinger has made a name for herself by remixing narratives from hit TV shows like Sex and the City and Mad Men, and now she’s done it again with Jay-Z’s performance art film, Picasso Baby.

Remix is a provocative lens through which to explore media. We often get so attached to our favorite music, images and moving images that we forget to be critical of them, but in truth, that’s part of our responsibility as members of popular culture and consumers of media. Remix is a way of challenging tropes and asking tropes; particularly because the act of remixing requires a critical eye and at least a bit of technical skill, it’s a form that straddles the worlds of both art and digital media learning. That’s just part of why we use remix so heavily in our workshops, and one of several reasons why we’re trying to make the act of remixing more accessible by developing the Media Breaker.

Elisa’s piece is a great example of transformative use, a requirement when reusing copyrighted material. Layering the bubble gum joyride of Taylor Swift’s 22 on top of Jay-Z’s film gives it a new meaning and vice versa, thus transforming both works. For me, the remix underscores the film’s dependence on the culture of fame and fandom, connecting a line between the celebrities, fans and artists featured in Picasso Baby to Swifties singing 22 with a hairbrush in front of their mirrors. But we want to hear from you–what does the remix show you? What are some of your other favorite pop culture remixes?