Create an Account

MBhome-newteacherregister1. At, click Register For Free Now. (We recommend you use Google’s Chrome browser when using MediaBreaker/Studios, which you can install free here.)






MBS-teacherregpage2. Fill in your information on the next page, check the acknowledgment box and click Register.





MBS-myaccount3. Check your email for a message verifying your account. Click the link in the message to visit your Studio, then go to My Account to complete your profile with a picture. Click Save. You’re ready to create your first Learning Experience, but first, meet your Main Menu.



Main Menu

Create a Learning Experience

Your Studio will consist of many Learning Experiences, and you can make as many as your want. Let’s start with your first one.

MBS-MyStudio-redline1. Go to your Studio by clicking on the house icon. Then click on Create New Experience.





2. Now you’re going to fill in some information about the Learning Experience.

MBS-learnexpv2-redline3. Now that you’re in your Learning Experience, let’s upload some videos. Click Add Media.






4. Do the following:


5. Your video will upload. Please be patient; larger video files will take longer to upload. When it’s complete, you’ll see the video in your Learning Experience for students to select. You can continue to upload as many videos as you want.


Invite Students to Your Studio

MBS-ManageStudents-redline1. Go to My Students by clicking on the Students icon. Then click on Invite a New Student.





2. On your Students page:

MBS-invitestudentspage-300w3. As students accept their invitations to your Studio, you’ll see their names added here. You can also see the student’s profile and remove them from your Studio. There is also an option to view students you’ve removed, and re-add them to your Studio.

Tour the MediaBreaker Editor


Make Your First Break

MB editor screencap-trumpexample-600w

    1. Get started by selecting the video you want from the Media Library, then drag it on to the timeline. It will snap to the middle row.
    2. Play the video by pressing the spacebar on your computer. You can also drag the cursor along the timeline to play a specific part of the video.
    3. To add a caption, select Add Caption from the Tools library and drag it to the
      timeline, where it will snap to the top row of the timeline.Caption options will then show up in your working pane, where you can alter text and set how many seconds you’d like the caption to run. Click Update to finish, then drag the caption along the timeline to where you’d like it to show up in the video.
    4. To add a title, position the cursor where you want the title to go and click the scissors. Select Add Title from the Tools library and drag it to the place where you made the cut in the timeline.The title will snap to the middle row of the timeline, and title options will show up in your working pane, where you can alter text and set how many seconds you’d like the title to run. Click Update to finish.
    5. To add an audio track, select the track you want from the Media Library or User Library, then drag it on the timeline to where you want it to play. It will snap to the bottom row of your timeline.
    6. To delete part of a video or an edit you made, select what you want to remove and click the Trash.
    7. To save your work and come back to it later, click Save Draft at the top of the page. You can access your drafts in your Studio home.
    8. To submit a finished break, click Submit/Complete.

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