Re-editing commercials and other types of video or media is a great way to talk back to advertisers and those who create and control the messages we hear and see every day. Though a fun and useful tool for educating and empowering audiences, it is important to understand the laws and limitations associated with using a work that is rightfully owned by another, simply referred to as copyrighted material.

Everyone who reuses and remixes copyrighted material should understand Fair Use. It can be a complicated concept, but we’re here to make it easy to learn the basics with our free Fair Use LAMPlit resource guide. Also available as a printable PDF.

Get The LAMP's Fair Use guide

We’ve also created a Copyright and Fair Use worksheet, which explains some concepts behind copyright and fair use and includes quiz questions. The answer key highlights the correct answers to the quiz questions.

Copyright and Fair Use Worksheet

Copyright and Fair Use Worksheet (Answer Key)

Or, maybe you’d prefer a short video to screen for students. We’ve got you covered:

Ready to dive a bit deeper into the concept of critical commentary? Try this video: