Video Poem

Learn the basics of storytelling when you create a multimedia poem of writing, drawing, sound and video!

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Make a Comic Book

Be the hero of your own story! Learn the basics of visual storytelling through the creation of your own digital comic book.

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Making Pictures, Telling Stories

Focus on photography and still images when you create a visual story! You’ll learn how images can convey information and ideas, and why they have so much power in the way we view the world.

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Documentary Video

Write, shoot and edit a short video about an issue of your choice. Explore the different ways documentaries can be used, and learn basic production and interview skills.

Watch: #Every28Hours

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Tool: MediaBreaker/Studios

Use MediaBreaker/Studios, The LAMP’s own online learning platform and video editing tool to remix and criticize commercials, news clips, music videos and more. Learn how to exercise your fair use rights, and demand more from the people who produce the media in our lives when you break the media and change the message.