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Our Latest LAMPlit: Check Out The News! - The LAMP

Our Latest LAMPlit: Check Out The News!

By December 18, 2009 News No Comments

The LAMP has added another LAMPlit resource guide to its library! Check out the news! is written by Katherine Fry, Ph.D., Education Director and Professor of Media Studies at Brooklyn College. Dr. Fry has spent years studying news literacy, and recently has been traveling to conferences to speak on the subject to other communications professionals.

So, what is news literacy? It’s the ability to think critically about the news, and the way you find out about what is reported in the world around you. It helps you form your own opinions, and become a more active media consumer. Instead of believing whatever a news outlet tells you, you’ll be thinking for yourself about how, why and where you get the news that shapes your life and your everyday decisions. Download Check out the news! for free today, and you’ll never see news in quite the same way again.