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NPR's News Literacy Lesson - The LAMP

NPR’s News Literacy Lesson

By October 27, 2010 News No Comments

Listening to NPR this morning on WNYC, I was pleasantly surprised with a piece by Andrea Seabrook and Peter Overby about political campaign ads and the groups responsible for creating them. This is especially important as we are in the last week of midterm election campaigning, so I wanted to share this with LAMPpost readers. This piece is especially great for teachers looking to encourage news literacy, explore interactive media and discuss the current election into their classrooms. At The LAMP, we teach our students to be news literate every day of every year, but this piece is nonetheless a valuable reminder why you’ve got to keep your news literate wits about you when you vote–especially in a post-Citizens United campaign spending world.

From NPR’s Morning Edition broadcast on Wednesday, October 27: “‘Independent’ Groups Behind Ads Not so Independent”

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