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November 12, 1995: Polar Bear Media Mania Subsides - The LAMP

November 12, 1995: Polar Bear Media Mania Subsides

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November 12, 1995: Klondike and Snow, twin polar bears, are moved from the Denver Zoo to Sea World in Orlando. At first, this may not sound like a big deal, but fifteen years ago, the media made major stars out of the cubs abandoned by their mother and hand-raised by the Denver Zoo staff. As babies, the cubs were weak and given only a 50/50 chance of survival, but with coverage from roughly 300 television stations of their fight for life, Klondike and Snow melted hearts around the country. The Denver Zoo gained $320,000 in royalties from Klondike- and Snow-related merchandise, but the bears eventually grew too big for their quarters in Denver and had to be moved to Orlando. The public outcry at the prospect of losing the bears was so great that the Denver Zoo decided to keep the move date a secret. But, they were indeed moved on November 12, and for the most part, the celebrity status of Klondike and Snow diminished with a lack of media attention.