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Nine inch Nails it - The LAMP

Nine inch Nails it

By March 18, 2008 News No Comments

As some of you may know, the popular rock band Radiohead released its latest album a few months ago in a manner that both sticks it to the recording industry as well as embrace the different distribution outlets the Internet offers.

Another rock band has followed the example by Radiohead, but has expanded its offering even more so. Nine Inch Nails (NiN) has announced that it will offer tracks from its new 36-track album free for download. The music is not just from their own site, but they are also making it available through other download sites like BitTorrent.  And the innovations do not stop there.

They are also releasing it via a Creative Commons license, which is a new type of intellectual-property copyright. This allows users certain permissions to use and alter the product, which is really the revolutionary thing about what NiN is attempting with their latest album. They are inviting their fans to create videos to their music and upload them to an online film “festival”. This is truly a collaborative effort that Web 2.0 allows.

In an NY Times article on it, NiN bandleader, Trent Reznor has this to say:

“…we believe in finding ways to utilize new technologies instead of fighting them.”

That’s how we feel at The LAMP. We believe in working with what is going to be around to try to find ways we can use the technologies to improve our lives rather than ignore them.