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Newest LAMPlit Navigates Gender, Youth and Media - The LAMP

Newest LAMPlit Navigates Gender, Youth and Media

By November 20, 2013 News No Comments

gender LAMPlitAlmost from the moment we hear, “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!”, babies begin their life journeys tied to a set of expectations about how they should appear and behave. Many of these expectations are fostered by a range of media content such as illustrations in a book of nursery rhymes, the packaging on a toy or the first birthday cards your child ever receives. We all want to raise children to be tolerant of differences, and we want them to grow up being happy and comfortable in their own skins, but doing so can be very challenging in a world of stereotypes – many of which we as parents may reinforce without even knowing it. That’s why The LAMP is proud to present A Guide to Gender, Youth and Media, a free LAMPlit resource guide designed to help parents and caregivers start to navigate the sensitive waters of gender identity, expression and representation in our highly media-saturated culture. Coming in at just six pages, this guide includes a glossary of terms, examples of activities you can do with your children and plain-English explanations of some really complex topics. Download it, share it, and tell us in the comments about how you’re raising gender-positive kids!

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