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New York Times article on tonight's Frontline doc - The LAMP

New York Times article on tonight’s Frontline doc

By January 22, 2008 News No Comments

The New York Times published an article about tonight’s Frontline documentary “Growing Up Online” on PBS. 

“At Chatham High School, Michael LaSusa, a co-principal, concedes that the classroom must compete with the flash of cyberspace.

“We have to be interactive because they’re accustomed to sitting in front of a screen and they’ve got five windows up and they’re talking to three people at the same time,” Mr. LaSusa says.

How many of us have seen this same thing with kids maintaining multiple conversations? It’s an excellent point on how we educate our youth really needs to evolve by not only incorporating the different media they interact with but also the methods these media use to engage them.

Tune in tonight.