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New from LAMPlatoon, Exploiting Our Heroes: Beer, Advertising and the Military - The LAMP

New from LAMPlatoon, Exploiting Our Heroes: Beer, Advertising and the Military

By April 21, 2014 News No Comments

A soldier returning to his hometown and loved ones is a time for celebration, but as this broken commercial shows, sometimes it’s also used as a time for advertising. Here, there are some serious ethical (and legal) questions about the alignment between the product and the military, both of which feature prominently in this commercial originally aired during Super Bowl 2014. More information about ethics laws around alcohol and the military can be found here.

This video was created by The LAMP as part of a media literacy program. It is intended as a criticism of and commentary on this advertisement. The goal of this video is to encourage and persuade advertising firms to make more socially responsible advertisements for children. The original advertisement itself has been inserted only to give context to the criticism. Insertion of the advertisement does not imply that the advertising firm that created the advertisement or the company whose goods and services are being offered for sale in the advertisement in any way sponsored or is connected with this video. In addition, any use of the company’s trademarks is intended only to describe the mark owner’s goods and services, and in no way implies the mark owner’s support of The LAMP’s videos, services, or mission.

The LAMP is a non-profit organization educating and equipping people to shape the media landscape through hands-on learning. This is achieved through media training workshops brought directly to youth, parents and educators, and through free public events and resources.