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Must Read: Citizens Inundated - The LAMP

Must Read: Citizens Inundated

By January 27, 2012 News No Comments

I live in New York City, which means I’ve been more or less spared from the political ad barrage facing those who live in swing states, or states with an early primary. Of course I’ve kept up with the drama, though, as the impact of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United case is felt, so I was really excited to find this report out yesterday from Free Press, titled Citizens Inundated.  It’s the first comprehensive report (at least that I’m aware of) which gathers ad-spend metrics, notes from journalists on the ground, policy debate and recommendations for the future–all in an easily-digestible 12 pages.

The Colbert/Stewart Super PAC experiment is certainly enlightening in its own way, but don’t let that be the only source of information for the depth of inanity within the Supreme Court decision, or the threat it poses to a free and open democracy. Even if you’re like me, and not getting the political ad onslaught, you are/will be impacted by Citizens United. Just wait til the GOP primary comes to your hometown.

–Emily Long

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