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Museums and Libraries in Protest: Call for News on Libya - The LAMP

Museums and Libraries in Protest: Call for News on Libya

By February 24, 2011 News No Comments

Modern Alexandria Library

One of the many remarkable things that happened during the Egyptian uprising was the preservation of the Alexandrian Library. The same young people who used new media to organize for democracy formed a human chain around the library which stands as a monument to the ancient Library of Alexandria, which was burned in wartime by Julius Caesar.

Museums and libraries are often casualties of war. Irreplaceable artifacts and texts forming the base of past and present history and culture are lost forever. Like Alexandria, Tripoli has its own collection of museums and libraries which have been caught in the middle of uprisings both past and present. However, I was unable to find any reporting on the state of these buildings. I want to understand just how much these cultural landmarks are at risk, so I made a map of some of main museums, libraries and monuments in Tripoli, and also marked the Green Square and the Souq Mosque which was attacked this morning. (Also interesting: this map of tweets in Libya.) If you have anything to add, be it information about the condition of the buildings, other monuments which should be included or hotbeds of violence in Tripoli, please contribute–the map is open for edits. I’ve started with Tripoli now just to streamline content, but feel free to extend your additions to all of Libya. Protecting museums and libraries is critical to respecting and preserving media history. Working together, perhaps we can get a clearer picture of the impact of the Libya uprising.

–Emily Long