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MozFest 2012: The LAMP Pops in London - The LAMP

MozFest 2012: The LAMP Pops in London

By November 27, 2012 News No Comments


The exhibit floor at MozFest. Photo by Hugh Kesson.

MozFest 2012 was recently held in London. The event is Mozilla’s celebration and exploration of the power of people coming together to create and shape the way we use the web. The event fits in with what Mark Surman, Mozilla’s Executive Director, describes as an aim to help people to move away from “using the web, to making the web.”

One of the foundations of this approach is increasing digital literacy and, in particular, encouraging young people to participate in developing communication technologies and practices. The Hive Learning Network NYC, headed up by The LAMP’s good friend Chris Lawrence, leads Mozilla’s work in this area. I had met Chris while working for The LAMP, and when he found out I had moved back to the UK and was teaching media in a high school, he generously invited me to attend the London event.

Chris Lawrence addresses the MozFest crowd. Photo by Hugh Kesson.

I joined the crowds making their way to the Docklands (they weren’t all Mozfest, the ATP Championship was happening next door) and spent a day learning and connecting with other media educators. I encountered Mozilla’s Thimble for the first time, and was reacquainted with The LAMP’s old friend Popcorn. MozFest was the official launch of this brilliant web video editor, and I am proud to say that The LAMP was there at the Beta stage, creating some of the first popped videos. The final version is, naturally, a much more sleek and stable edition, and well worth a look.

As I left, Chris told me he’d be in touch: “We’re not letting you get away, you’re a Hacktivated educator now.” Thanks LAMP, it’s all I’ve ever wanted to be!

Hugh Kesson was a facilitator with The LAMP until he abandoned us last summer for proper tea, steady rain and a teaching position in his English homeland. Check out our March 2012 Spotlight interview with Hugh for more on his views on media literacy in the US, and his past work with the United Nations.