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Middle School Educators! Apply for The LAMP and TASC's Digital Learning Training - The LAMP

Middle School Educators! Apply for The LAMP and TASC’s Digital Learning Training

By June 1, 2015 News No Comments

Are you looking for ways to integrate digital tools into your classrooms and after-school activities? Are you interested in getting paid to attend professional development? Are you interested in strengthening the collaboration between your school and after-school program? If you answer to these questions is yes, read on.

The After-School Corporation (TASC), and the Learning About Multimedia Project (LAMP) are partnering to implement the Connect2Tech project with MediaBreaker, a free cloud-based video-editing tool that enables users to “remix” online media into original videos. Students will use the MediaBreaker to build on school-day curricula, discover interests and explore civic and social issues. For example, students learning about climate change might use the MediaBreaker to “remix” a news clip about global warming. Students use critical thinking and argue from evidence as they edit the clip to include relevant facts.

A complete overview of the program and details are included in the Connect2Tech with MediaBreaker Application. Below are a few of the program highlights:

– Joint Professional Development and Collaboration: The program is designed to strengthen collaboration and coordination between teachers and after-school educators.
– Professional Development and Ongoing Support: Through a three-day Summer Educator Workshop, mid-year workshops, and ongoing observation and coaching, participants will be introduced to hands-on instructional techniques, tools and resources, including design based learning approaches for engaging students with the same practices used by technology and media-arts professionals.
– Educator Teams: Each school/CBO team will be compromised of 2 school day teachers, and 4 after-school educators. Educators will also learn collaborative teaching strategies and explore how best to use the extra time afforded by after-school and expanded day programs to get students excited about using digital media as a form of expression.
– Funding: Schools and community partners will receive grants to pay school teachers and after-school staff for the time they spend participating in professional development, planning activities and teaching beyond their usual teaching hours.

This project is targeted for 7th and 8th graders. To be eligible for selection, schools must have a comprehensive after-school or expanded day program run by a community partner (see Part 2 of this application for additional eligibility requirements and selection criteria). Schools can take the lead in completing the application, but will need input from their community partner. The attached application is due Friday, June 5th, 2015 to Chris Whipple, VP of Programs at TASC, TASC will notify school/CBO partnerships of candidacy by June 12th, 2015.

This is a great opportunity to make learning more hands-on and engaging with digital tools, both in regular school day and in the after-school/expanded day hours. Please email Chris Whipple or Francisco Cervantes if you have any questions.

Connect2Tech with MediaBreaker Application