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"Like you're in a wonderland of happiness": How kids feel about cigarette packaging - The LAMP

“Like you’re in a wonderland of happiness”: How kids feel about cigarette packaging

By May 2, 2012 News No Comments

Browsing around the web this morning, I came across this video on Fast Company made by AMV BBDO London for Cancer Research U.K.’s campaign against unethical marketing and branding on cigarette packages. It’s a huge wake-up call for anyone who thinks that kids aren’t really that susceptible to advertising, or that tobacco marketers don’t know exactly what they’re doing and who they’re targeting when they design bright, eye-catching packaging that resembles candy.

Tobacco marketing is a highly controversial issue. While I’m not against cigarette branding altogether, I do think tobacco companies need to use a bit more discretion and be responsible about how they go about it. As we can see in this video, they’ve got a long way to go.

–Emily Long

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