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Leslie Jones, August 2016 LAMP Luminary - The LAMP

Leslie Jones, August 2016 LAMP Luminary

By August 25, 2016 News No Comments

Leslie Jones LAMP Luminary

When a mob of racist, misogynist, fearful and insecure trolls led by Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopolous flooded the Twitter account of Leslie Jones, it looked like the Saturday Night Live and Ghostbusters star was finished with the microblogging platform.

But like a boss, she came back, and put Twitter to work for her hilarious one-woman empire of Olympics coverage. Even NBC couldn’t ignore her brilliance, and flew her to Rio to join their broadcasting team. The many wins from Team USA gave Americans plenty of inspiration this month, and Ms. Jones’ comeback fairytale is one of the best.

By now you probably also know about the heinous hacking of Ms. Jones’ personal website. Featuring explicit nude photos, images of the gorilla Harambe as well as of the actress’ passport and driver’s license, the site has been taken down. No official statement has been released, and while one can only imagine the devastation felt by being targeted with such blind, unwarranted hate, I imagine that Leslie Jones is already planning Comeback #2.

For her resilience, ingenuity and the courage to laugh in the face of ignorant trolls, we stand with Leslie Jones and name her our LAMP Luminary for August 2016. We can’t wait for her shining face, wit and wisdom to once more grace our screens and consciousnesses.