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(UPDATED) LAMPlatoon Highlight: Breaking Burger King's "I am Man" - The LAMP

(UPDATED) LAMPlatoon Highlight: Breaking Burger King’s “I am Man”

By February 25, 2011 News No Comments

This week’s featured LAMPlatoon video is a remix of Burger King’s “I am Man” commercial, also known as “Manthem” from 2006. Take a look:

The LAMPlatoon took issue with this ad on a lot of levels, but particularly on the overarching message linking food with masculinity. Eating too much, and eating unhealthy foods, does not make anyone more manly. “I am Man” is an insult to men, portraying them as gluttonous slaves to food, and sends a poor message by suggesting that femininity consists of eating smaller portions and food that doesn’t come from a drive-through window. There are plenty of women in the world who also enjoy a good burger; does that make them manly? In many ways, it’s true that you are what you eat, but the food you choose to put on your plate–whether it’s a tiny salad or a double burger–does nothing to define what kind of man (or woman) you are. For more LAMPlatoon videos talking back to commercials about food, be sure to check out the LAMPlatoon video portal.

11.06am: The creator of the video had this to add:
– The most offensive thing to me is the parody of the anthem “I am Woman” by Helen Reddy. That song really came at a time when the feminist movement was making great strides in breaking the glass ceiling and to take that song and mock it by saying this is the only way you can be a man is really appalling.

This video shows a different way that Burger King marketed their food. “I am Man” almost signals a desperation on their part to capture an old, antiquated way of thinking (i.e. Sell products by re-defining what a man is; create further division between the genders. etc.). It frankly makes Burger King look like they are behind the times. Why not be innovative, put out an ad campaign that shows how BK is a refreshing, forward-thinking company, that wants to not only provide you with a good meal, but also contribute to the landscape in a positive way.

If you have something else to say about this ad (any other), try making your own LAMPlatoon video. You don’t have to be a wizard at video editing to break commercials, and if you need help, we’ll be there every step of the way. Email us today, and next week it could be your video featured in this space!