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LAMPlatoon Featured Video: State Farm's Mad Black Woman - The LAMP

LAMPlatoon Featured Video: State Farm’s Mad Black Woman

By April 8, 2011 News No Comments

This broken commercial is among our most-viewed LAMPlatoon videos! What’s all the fuss about?

In this case, the fuss is primarily over racial stereotypes. Here we have the Mad Black Woman, going on and on over her man’s car accident. She insults him, doesn’t offer any help and certainly isn’t interested in listening; her primary concern right now is controlling a very angry conversation about a bad situation which is all somebody else’s fault. At his wit’s end, the Inept Black Man calls in the magic State Farm representative–and, while he’s on the subject of instant fixes, asks for a new girlfriend. The new girlfriend is beautiful, so she asks for a new boyfriend, who is equally handsome and, for some reason, shirtless. And all is well.

The Mad Black Woman and Inept Black Man have deep roots in American cultural history. In virtually any minstrel show, you’ll find a Mammy wielding a saucepan against her hapless black man who just can’t do anything right. When media continue to perpetuate these stereotypes, they continue to be normalized and accepted while setting up expectations for how people should or will act. Isn’t there a better way to sell car insurance?

If you’re interested in shining a light on other stereotypes and assumptions you see in commercials, email us today to join LAMPlatoon and take action. Next week, it could be your video in this space!

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