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LAMPlatoon Featured Video: Maybelline Super Stay - The LAMP

LAMPlatoon Featured Video: Maybelline Super Stay

By March 18, 2011 News No Comments

How super is this broken ad for Maybelline’s SuperStay concealer?

Commercials for beauty products frequently use some of the techniques shown in this video–the product is positioned as a must-have for today’s busy woman who doesn’t have much time in her day for grooming, yet the women in the ads are depicted as young, playful and carefree. Allegedly, this is because they don’t have to touch up their concealer in between romps at the grocery store. The science bit attempts to appease the skeptics among us, but goes by so quickly that we barely have a second to process the information in any critical way, and is ultimately pretty condescending.

If you’re interested in shining a light on other persuasive techniques you see in commercials, email us today to join LAMPlatoon and take action. Next week, it could be your video featured in this space!

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