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LAMPers look at gender, narrative and more in media, plus first LAMPcamp pics! - The LAMP

LAMPers look at gender, narrative and more in media, plus first LAMPcamp pics!

By July 16, 2010 News No Comments

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As LAMPcamp wraps up its first full week, LAMPers have explored media in their own neighborhood, looked at how gender is portrayed in media, explored how narratives are used to construct a message, got into the basics of podcasting and began their own short-form documentary video projects. Click here for the first pictures available from LAMPcamp in Brooklyn, and read on for Brooklyn facilitator Lorenzo Tijerino’s account of Day 4:

“Today went well. We began with a screening of three documentaries;  two were student-produced documentaries and one was from Rooftop Films. The students responded strongly to the documentary featuring Merlin, the boy in the pink scarf. The LAMPers discussed their feelings and impressions regarding gender roles and stereotypes. The third film was about a female fan of hip hop and her response to the objectification of woman in music videos. This led into a discussion about the responsibility of the viewer and the role that we all play in propagating negative imagery.

The LAMPers completed a worksheet on the language of documentaries. We discussed docs as stories and the role that the camera plays in telling the story. The children were able to identify various shots used in the doc, as well as viewpoints that were not included in the story.

We then got to work on creating our own documentaries. The LAMPers were asked to choose between gender roles or advertising or a combination of the two. Once the kids chose their subject matter they got to work on developing the structure of their docs and creating questions for interview subjects.

Before long, LAMPers were out on the street asking the hard-hitting questions. They returned to base just in time for lunch. Tomorrow they’ll get started on the editing process armed with technical skills they picked up over the course of the week.”