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LAMPcamp Brings Summer Media Savvy to Brooklyn Tweens - The LAMP

LAMPcamp Brings Summer Media Savvy to Brooklyn Tweens

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The LAMP Announces LAMPcamp

Brooklyn tweens explore advertising to youth, gender in media during hands-on media literacy creative workshop

Brooklyn, New York: The LAMP (Learning About Multimedia Project) will hold its first LAMPcamp at the Prospect Park YMCA from July 13-17th. Middle-school aged boys and girls, or ‘LAMPers,’ will explore the ways that advertisers attempt to market products to them, and how women and men are represented in the media. The boys and girls will separate to discuss issues such as body image and gender stereotypes, and will create their own short documentaries on the subject. In addition, LAMPcamp will include guest speakers from the media industry, a media scavenger hunt, and multiple opportunities for the students to create their own media and discuss the way media impacts their daily lives.

“The summer can be an especially tough time for young people in terms of media inundation,” said Katherine Fry, Ph.D., Education Director for The LAMP. “A lot of kids spend their summer nights in a movie theatre with their friends, or even watching TV or playing video games all day. Even going to the beach or to the pool can bring up a lot of uncomfortable body image issues, many of which are exacerbated by the media messages sent to them every day. LAMPcamp is a way for our students to stay sharp about what they see and hear.”

Guest speakers for LAMPcamp will give LAMPers a behind-the-scenes at how and why certain media are made. Speakers will include Daniela Capistrano, producer for the 2007 and 2008 MTV Movie Awards and MTV Music Awards; Sean Murphy, award-winning artist and author with D.C. Comics; Jennifer Vineyard, freelance journalist and cultural critic, with possibly more to be confirmed.

About The LAMP:

The LAMP (Learning About Multimedia Project) is a non-profit organization based in Brooklyn and founded in September 2007. With a commitment to address the lack of basic media literacy education in New York City schools and communities, The LAMP offers free workshops and public events designed to help young people, parents and teachers make sense of the media barrage they encounter in their daily lives. LAMP workshops not only demystify the content and technologies of media, but they also help bridge the digital divide that often alienates youth from adults, while providing the workforce development skills needed to compete in a modern job market. By creating and editing their own blogs, videos, newspapers and more, students are further encouraged to explore the use of media as a positive outlet for creative expression.