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LAMP students in Bushwick tackle spooky Ebola news coverage - The LAMP

LAMP students in Bushwick tackle spooky Ebola news coverage

By October 20, 2014 News No Comments

Facilitator Jules Beesley leads a discussion with AFBMS students about Ebola in the news.

The LAMP is excited to partner with Achievement First for the first time, working with their middle school students in Bushwick, Brooklyn, to critically examine news media and to help them create their own video news stories. The program will be running throughout the school year for several groups of students, and if our first class of students is representative of all the AF students, it should be a great partnership with a lot of interesting projects to come.

In the most recent session, students explored how the Ebola story is being portrayed in the news – which is appropriate in this Halloween season, because the Ebola coverage is SCARY! The students examined the real facts about Ebola and concluded that the news media’s fear tactics are just an easy (and, perhaps, irresponsible) way of building ratings and viewership. Several students noted that there were far more relevant and widespread concerns, like obesity and alcohol abuse.

Students also began choosing topics for their own news stories, and showed off a wide range of interests, from Smart Phone addiction to Halloween safety. Soon the students will be researching their topics, conducting interviews, and shooting b-roll in the community. Whichever topics they choose to explore, we just hope they aren’t too scary.