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The LAMP Looks Back: Top 5 LAMPposts in 2011 - The LAMP

The LAMP Looks Back: Top 5 LAMPposts in 2011

By December 21, 2011 News No Comments

Today, we’re looking back at your favorite LAMPpost articles from 2011. We’ve listed the top piece for each quarter of the year, and the top overall. Be sure to stop by tomorrow, when we do the same for LAMPlatoon videos.

CBS News Reporter Lara Logan

January 1 – March 31: “Sexual Assault Reporting: Post-Lara Logan, Business As Usual”

When CBS News reporter Lara Logan revealed she had been sexually assaulted while covering the Arab Spring in Egypt, several people in the media were criticized for their victim-blaming reactions. It seemed a wake-up call for mainstream media, which frequently take this approach in reporting on violence against women, until The New York Times hit the snooze button with their story about an 11-year-old girl who was gang raped in Texas.

April 1 – June 30: “TEDxTeen 2011: Just one of many highlights”

The LAMP reported back from the TEDxTeen conference, putting a spotlight on stories of remarkable young people making a big difference in their communities and the world.


NYC Subway ad for "The Change Up" as photographed by the author

July 1 – September 30: “Double Trouble: Women and Babies in ‘The Change Up’ Ad”

Summer popcorn movies aren’t known for being especially thought-provocative, but an ad for the comedy The Change Up made many people think twice.  Especially when they compared the online version to the ad shown everywhere else. (Confession: We geeked out a little when this piece got some love from Rachel Maddow’s blog.)



October 1 – December 21: “An Open Letter to James R. Trebilcock and the Dr. Pepper Ten Marketing Team”

Screenshot from Dr. Pepper Ten Facebook app

Lots of ads disparage women, but when the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group blatantly encouraged misogyny and gender stereotypes as essential cornerstones of their Dr. Pepper Ten marketing campaign, we got especially angry. LAMPpost blogger Emily Breitkopf broke it all down in her what-the-hell-were-you-thinking letter to the people responsible for the heinous marketing.

And the most-viewed LAMPpost article for all of 2011 is…here!

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