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Keeping with the times

By April 7, 2008 News No Comments

The folks over at, a site that has been tracking the various media consumption trends of our youth, posted an article on what they see are the 7 key trends in youth marketing.

Most of them are surprising, so it’s definitely worth a look. A few have been referenced by us at the LAMP here regarding the offering of more and more free content by brands and artists. It appears that youth are growing more and more indifferent to brands, and the prospect of loyalty to one merchant isn’t so reliable.

However, the most surprising trend was their #3 in the list:

Facebook fatigue.

It appears that the once exclusively youth-focused social networking site has been overtaken by all the 30-somethings and their profiles. This happened as Facebook tried to capture more of the market, relaxing the once student-only restrictions. Our youth, being ever-resilient and adaptable individuals,  are choosing to stick with MySpace and Bebo.

I like that youth seek a social media and networking site all their own, but what I think is important to glean from this trend is their ability to accept and integrate new technology and media into their lives. This is a skill that their parents and educators should also have.  This way, adults can keep pace with the youth they care for and teach, and they can also keep the dialogue fresh.