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Introducing Media Scavenger Hunt: Travel Edition Game!

Introducing Media Scavenger Hunt: Travel Edition Game!

By July 15, 2015 News No Comments

No matter where you’re going this year for your summer vacation, anyone with children will tell you that getting there can tax at least half your patience. Screens are a lot more portable now than when you were a kid on a long car trip, and there’s no doubt today’s grandparents wish they had what parents have now to keep the peace in tight quarters over extended periods of time. But screen addiction is a real concern, and most family vacations are all about reconnecting with each other, not your tablet. What’s a parent to do?

Fear not – we’ve got you covered with Media Scavenger Hunt Travel Edition. This is a combination of our Media Scavenger Hunt event, in which our students hunt for examples of various types of media, and the Bingo game we play during our Break the Super Bowl party where kids identify different messages in commercials. This three-by-three card features nine different media elements to look for, and can be completed from trains, planes and automobiles. Billboards, in-flight entertainment, sides of vehicles and even our clothes provide a canvas for media messages, so look closely! Download Media Scavenger Hunt: Travel Edition as a free PDF here, or bookmark this page to play from the embedded card below. Use #MSHTravel to tag photos of the media you find and of your family playing the game, and let us know what you think in the comments below!


Media Scavenger Hunt: Travel Edition by The LAMP