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Infographic: Blended Learning, Explained & Expanding - The LAMP

Infographic: Blended Learning, Explained & Expanding

By June 21, 2013 News No Comments

Our friends at QuinStreet sent us this infographic earlier in the week about blended learning, an umbrella term for a variety of educational models in which people learn through a combination of online and off-line instruction. For example, let’s say you’re learning a foreign language. You might use physical workbooks with exercises in vocabulary and verb conjugation, or attend a class with a teacher and other students, but then you may also have online interactive exercises, message boards or digital chat opportunities to fine-tune and practice your pronunciation and conversation skills.

While it’s not without critics, blended learning is becoming a big part of education in the digital age. The LAMP is jumping in with a blended learning professional development program in partnership with the Bank Street College of Education and the Mozilla Hive NYC Learning Network. Take a look at the infographic, and tell us about some of your experiences with blended learning in the comments section!

stance Learning and Blended Learning: Trends on the Rise?
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