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In Sunday's World Cup Final, Beware the Honey Shot! - The LAMP

In Sunday’s World Cup Final, Beware the Honey Shot!

By July 11, 2014 News No Comments

You know how, during sports games, the camera occasionally cuts to fans in the stands? Ever notice how many of those fans happen to be gorgeous young women? It turns out there’s a name for that camera move. It’s called the Honey Shot.

While we’ve certainly been aware of the periodic Jumbotron focus on hot fangirls, we never knew the phenomenon had its own name, much less an inventor. Andy Sidaris, as detailed in this Slate article, was breathtakingly forthright in his ogling of female sports fans and encouraged generations of television sports viewers to expect nothing less from his broadcasts than cleavage and crop tops.

As our Education Director Alan Berry pointed out, the Honey Shot is just one example of why we need more women working in media – women currently comprise less than 4% of professional Directors of Photography and camera operators in American film and television. When we watch the World Cup final on Sunday, we may find ourselves grateful that FIFA finally allowed goal-line technology, but we’d be far more grateful for increased diversity in the production crews that bring us the game in the first place.