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In honor of Mayor Bloomberg's proposed ban on giant sugary drinks, a LAMPlatoon ode to junk food marketing - The LAMP

In honor of Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed ban on giant sugary drinks, a LAMPlatoon ode to junk food marketing

By June 4, 2012 News No Comments

There’s been a lot of talk about Mayor Bloomberg’s recently-proposed ban on selling soda and sugary beverages in sizes larger than sixteen ounces. The plan is barely five days old, but a Google search for “mayor bloomberg soda ban” already yields 26.7 million results. The issues of regulation, censorship, overconsumption and health are all near and dear to The LAMP’s media-literacy loving hearts and minds, and all are wrapped up in this idea to limit the sales of oversized products which are closely linked to the obesity problem that quite literally plagues our country. Some of us agree with the plan, and some of us don’t, but one thing we all agree on is that unethical marketing and advertising practices surrounding the food and beverage industry are part of the problem.

Advertisers link food and drink to just about anything they think will get you to buy it, and this is highlighted in the following top-viewed LAMPlatoon videos on food and beverage ads which we’ve embedded here. Whether it’s the idea that drinking this product makes you part of a supercool, highly-exclusive club (like with Dr. Pepper Ten), or whether they’re drawing parallels between a drink with the warm fuzzy feelings of victory and celebrity (as in the Budweiser commercial below) or even if they’re just using humor to grab your attention (Doritos, anyone?), advertisements are part of the obesity problem by normalizing and popularizing junk food and drink in American culture. Here are the three most-viewed food and beverage videos from the LAMPlatoon YouTube channel:

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