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Have you heard about…?

By November 12, 2008 News No Comments

Whether you’ve got too much time on your hands or you have a genuine question, the Wired How-to Wiki is something everyone should have in their bookmarks.  I discovered it recently when a friend posted the “How to Bake a Cake in a Mug” link on Facebook, and voila–just one more reason why I love the web.

The reason I highlight the wiki is because we find many of our students (usually the adults) are so bombared with all the new stuff out there that they don’t know where to start, how to use it or what it does.  This wiki is a great resource because it covers many of the basics, like “Copy a DVD” or “Speed up Your Mac,” but it also goes into topics that are for more advanced users, such as “Optimize BitTorrent To Outwit Traffic Shaping ISPs.” No matter how literate you are, there is something for you.

Another fun thing is that the wiki covers topics extending beyond the digital world and into the physical one.  Suppose you want to be more fit but don’t have much time–see “Lose Weight While You Work.” Not sure what to do for planning your child’s next birthday party? Check out “Throw a fantastic children’s party.” There are many more examples of articles, both useful and just for fun, but one of the best things about the wiki is also one of the best things about Web 2.0–you can talk back to it.  You can join a discussion, add your own article, suggest an article and also reach the folks at Wired with questions and comments.  (Which is good, because I haven’t yet seen any articles here about media literacy.)

And, just to be clear, the LAMP is not supported by Wired or in any way.  We just genuinely like their stuff.  But if you want to support us, we accept and need your help!  Please use the link at the bottom of our website to make a tax-deductible donation.