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Fox News Makes News from News Corp News - The LAMP

Fox News Makes News from News Corp News

By February 4, 2011 News No Comments
You may have thought the big story on Wednesday was increased violence in Egypt, Hosni Mubarak’s promise to not run for further office, or the ongoing effects of epic snowstorms throughout the nation, but you would have been mistaken. The big story this Wednesday was News Corps CEO Rupert Murdoch holding a press conference at the Guggenheim to release his newest venture, The Daily, a magazine style online news source made specifically for the iPad.

The story was so big in fact that the Fox News channel, owned by Murdoch, could not look away. As The New York Times reported:

At the same time Anderson Cooper on CNN was reporting on fires breaking out in the streets from incendiary devices, Fox News had continuing coverage of the press event surrounding The Daily, including a speech by Mr. Murdoch and editors of the online paper, as well as demonstrations of what the paper would look like on iPads.

It is fair to say that the unleashing of The Daily is news, but worthy of uninterrupted coverage on a far less than light news day it is not. The Daily deserves our attention if for no other reason than that it tests out the viability of paid-for journalism online in a market still flush, if floundering, with free material. The Murdochian self-congratulation that characterized Fox’s coverage (the chyron read: “‘THE DAILY’ USES iPAD TECH TO RE-IMAGINE NEWS EXPERIENCE”), however, forgets that the News Corporation invented neither online news nor the iPad.

 It will be interesting to see where this application goes, but it is just that—an application. And while we’re at it, let’s call the news on Fox this past Wednesday what it was as well: an ad.

-Sarah Brown