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By June 10, 2008 News No Comments

Ever wanted to create your very own font, personalizing every curl of every character in every word you type?  Now you can, without having to dig too deeply into the whys and hows of typeface design, and without spending lots of money on software.  Thanks to a new website called FontStruct, anyone can use building blocks to create their very own font, and then share it with the world.  If you’re not interested in creating a font, you could probably spend hours browsing and freely downloading ones that other people have made.

I myself am not a particular enthusiast of typefaces and fonts, but a very smart review of FontStruct recently appeared in by Jason Fagone, who is a typeface enthusiast.  The article is well worth reading, commenting as it does on the role of typography in history and the power of how letters are designed, not to mention yet another Web 2.0 community that may one day be comparable to YouTube.

And if you ever doubted the power of typeface to send a subliminal message, take a look at this–if nothing else, it’s good for a chuckle.