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Ellen DeGeneres takes on Bic for Her...and you can too! - The LAMP

Ellen DeGeneres takes on Bic for Her…and you can too!

By October 16, 2012 News No Comments

We’re pretty sure–or at least we really hope–that you’ve already seen Ellen DeGeneres’s spoof ad on Bic’s funny-but-not-like-funny-ha-ha line of pens designed for women. But in case you haven’t:

However, watching and ‘liking’ a video on YouTube isn’t really a form of action. Ellen knew this, and that’s why she created her own message–it’s also why The LAMP started LAMPlatoon. Anyone, not just current LAMP students, can create and submit a LAMPlatoon video to pull back the curtain on commercials and speak out. Here’s an actual ad for Bic for Her, practically begging to be remixed and broken down:

What do you think? Click here for tips to get started on remixing and to find out how your video can be part of the LAMPlatoon arsenal of broken commercials!