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Care About Women, Media and Teens? Then Don’t Miss This

By September 8, 2011 News No Comments

Elisa Kreisinger is an expert on how women are (and are not) represented in media. She’s also a brilliant leader in video remixing and fair use practice, so it’s hard to overstate how close her work is to our hearts here at The LAMP.

All of this is to say is that if you’re not familiar with her or her work, you should be, and if you already do know her, then you know a chance to do a workshop with her is one you don’t want to miss. Especially when it’s a free webinar, like the one she’s doing with the Women’s Media Center next Wednesday, September 14th (register here). Below is her open letter inviting participants and giving more information:

Dear Youth Media Advocates and Media Makers,

Did you know that if female characters are added to media programming at the current rate, gender balance won’t occur for 700 years?

How about the fact that the more hours of TV a girl watches, the fewer options she thinks she has in life while the more hours a boy watches the more sexist his views become?
(source: Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media)

The good news is that girls are more active than any other group in online spaces. They’re commenting, critiquing and talking back to pop-culture in ways we’ve never seen before. It’s pretty exciting stuff!

In this free webinar, I’ll show participates (girls age 12-18) where their peers are online. We’ll look at Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook, brainstorming ways for them to put these new media tools to good use for activist and feminist endeavors in their communities. The goal of this webinar is to encourage girls to become active participants instead of passive consumers of new media. We’ll dive into online safety and then round it out with how they can start talking back TODAY.

Who: Elisa Kreisinger, Women’s Media Center
What: Free Feminist Social Media Webinar for Teens!
When: 5-5:30 PM EST on September 14th
Where: Register located here:
This program is free.