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Watch: Bronx Teens on What Matters Most - The LAMP

Watch: Bronx Teens on What Matters Most

By August 29, 2016 News No Comments

Bronxworks LAMP Teens PSAs
Anyone who thinks teens are apathetic might want to spend some time with the young men and women who participated in our Public Service Announcement program this summer. In partnership with multiple Bronxworks sites, teens produced a dozen PSAs on topics of their choice. As evidenced by their focus on the Black Lives Matter movement, suicide prevention and littering, they are deeply concerned with issues of safety and respect, both for themselves and for their community.

For most participants, this program was the first time they held a video camera. They also storyboarded, wrote, performed in and edited these videos over the course of just a handful of hours. The PSAs show young people discovering the power of media to express themselves and speak out about issues that matter to them.

We’ve highlighted just a couple of the videos here. Click here to watch the entire playlist: