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Bronx LAMPcamp Wrap-up - The LAMP

Bronx LAMPcamp Wrap-up

By July 28, 2010 News No Comments

July 23rd marked the end of this summer’s LAMPcamp, with two-week sessions held in both Brooklyn and The Bronx. Kristin Tretheway, lead facilitator for our Bronx camp, summed it all up for us below. Plus, check out the News 12 video segment about Bronx LAMPcamp!

“Over the course of the two weeks the students completed four projects. The first was a podcast based on an environmental issue of their choice. The second was a mock TV commercial, the third was a commercial talk back and the fourth was a documentary.

The first week we discussed environmental issues, and split the group into four groups of about 3-5 students. We used the audio recording devices and the garage band software to produce our podcasts. We played these at the end of the week. The students focused on bees and the colony collapse disorder, garbage and solar panels, air pollution and the importance of water.

During the second week we discussed media targeting and commercials. We focused on issues of gender and race. We talked about targeting demographics, the amount of money invested in commercials and why getting the audience attention benefits companies, and the emotional and logical messages embedded in commercials with which they convince us to buy their products.

We screened commercials in class, both ones the students chose, as well as the ones the LAMP provided. We also screened the documentary DVD provided by the LAMP. The students used video cameras and the iMovie software to produce their commercials, talk backs and documentaries.At the close of each project we screened and discussed the students work.”