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#becausethelamp: MediaBreaker

By December 17, 2014 News No Comments
Patches Break

Our critique of Dove’s “Patches” commercial was our most popular new video in 2014.

The LAMP is proud to have developed the MediaBreaker, a free, online video editor used by students nationwide to analyze and talk back to media like news, commercials and music videos. (We’re also proud of the coverage it got this year in outlets like Digiday and the New York Times.)

We don’t ask anyone to pay for the MediaBreaker because we think tools like it should be available to anyone who wants to break the media, change the message and exercise their Fair Use rights – whether or not they have access to video editing software on their own computers at school or at home. But it does cost money to keep the MediaBreaker going. Every month we pay hosting fees, and a lot of staff time goes into managing video submissions. We also have a very long list of technical upgrades we’d like to make so it can keep getting better, but since we think talented developers should be paid for their work, that costs money too.

So we need your help. Your support during this year’s Annual Appeal helps keep the MediaBreaker going strong and free for students in our New York City workshops, and also for students in schools as far away as California, Florida and Oregon. The MediaBreaker exists not just #becausethelamp, but also because of people like you. Participate today in the 2014 Annual Appeal, and help students everywhere keep breaking into 2015.