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By August 28, 2008 News No Comments

After his historic feat yesterday, Barack Obama prepared to give his acceptance speech for the Democratic Party’s nomination for President of the United States in front of a reported 75,000 supporters. In a year of unprecedented accomplishments for a presidential election, the spectacle of a party’s nominee addressing his loyal pledges in such an open air manner seems almost a daunting moment of ultra-high expectations. Not just for the DNC, but also for the media covering it.

How does one capture such a massive gathering of political agents and spectators to be broadcast on the small screens of all those Americans tuning in from their living room? Surely, the organizers of this event considered the loss in translation of the scale they propose to the home viewers (and I’m sure, if they had their way, they’d have 10 times the attendees to see this speech). It makes me wonder if perhaps with all of the myriad media formats out there, that TV isn’t the proper way to capture this event. Perhaps somewhere in the new media that are emerging, a more appropriate medium (or mediums) exist. This sets a precedent for future acceptance speeches that should it be successful, generations to come may expect their party’s nominee to speak in front of live audiences this large (at least).

Who knows, there’s only the collective imagination stopping us from watching a presidential hopeful give us their leadership vision via Second Life.